Mari Nil - Retreat – Erfüllung in der Romantischen Liebe

Mari Nil Anged 743

Retreat - Healing of soul, mind and body

Healing comes from the divine essence within us; from the deep, inner silence and perfect happiness of our being. It is precisely this essence that we need to get to know and invite into (our daily life.) We learn to take on this force and apply it to our daily lives in order to sustain a happy, healthy, successful and fulfilled life, and how to bring these qualities into our lives after the retreat is over. We turn to the healing frequency/ vibrations in ourselves and learn to let them flow into our (many phases of life).

Topics include:

  • Finding the source of healing in our body, mind and soul.
  • understanding ourselves, in order to love and heal.
  • Fostering deep, inner happiness throughout our lives.
  • Healing in our daily lives: Family, partnership, business, at home.
  • The inner transformation : creating sustainable happiness and healing.

Mari Nil Fra Angelice

Retreat - enlightenment and inner peace

In this retreat, we experience ourselves as enlightened, eternal beings. We reveal this inner truth in order to know how to live our lives. We approach the inner, radiant core of our true being, so that we may move fully into our lives, with a steady and still love for all life.


  • linking to the source of all being
  • connecting to the enlightenment and fulfillment of the soul, healing the soul, energy transformation
  • steadiness and liberation of the mind
  • deep understanding and acceptance of one's own life
  • Finding the essence of God in ourselves
  • Practical exercises to incorporate these new discoveries into our lives

Mari Nil SMAnnunciation BAR800

Retreat - Romantic Love

Romantic love can bring fulfillment to our lives . Old, possibly painful concepts need to be clarified in order to heal. The love within us can be attuned in union with a loved one; however, we must remain ‘ourselvers:’ free, happy and independent. We will learn during this seminar how to open our heart and by expanding on this energy, heal and deliver ourselves from old traumatic experiences. Karmic burdens which have restricted our capacity to love can be redeemed within this week’s program.

Topics include:

  • How do I reveal my soul-love?
  • How do I fulfill my desires and heal my fear of intimacy at the same time?
  • forgiveness as a path of liberation.
  • What is ‘fulfillment’ in romantic love? Disabling family-issues and structures are addressed so one can enjoy the happy experience of romantic love.
  • What is really happening in the oneness?
  • Releasing traumatic experiences that are stored in our energy field.
  • Isolating the connection and the conditions between love and pain.
  • Releasing feelings of control or dependencies.
  • Releasing old oaths, promises and similar limiting information within us.


Mari Nil - Retreat – Erleuchteter Erfolg

Virgin Mary Annunciate

Retreat - Enlightened Success

  • Recognizing my destiny
  • Heavenly talents and special abilities to relieve ourselves from stress and pressure, so one can ‘go with the flow.’
  • realizing my ‘success’ on all levels of existence
  • healing karmic-blockages and negativity.
  • What is ‘success’ in relation to my soul , my mind and my body?
  • How to create and invite a heavenly success-team.
  • Sustaining success, and sharing success.
  • How to build self- confidence, self- consciousness, and unconditional love for ourselves.
  • Creating my individualized success-formula
  • Let go and win it all by gaining inner freedom.
  • Living in pleasant prosperity, and creating wealth

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