Mari Nil - Biographie


Mari Nil


Mari Nil - Die Essenz Gottes - Botschaft des Seins

Trinity Verlag
ISBN 978-3-941837-35-5

Mari Nil grew up in Göttingen. After she completed high school, she studied ‘Art’ and received a Masters Degree in Art. For Mari, Art and Spirituality were connected from the beginning/ context. After several years of study in the science of healing, including yoga, Tai Chi , Qi Gong , Radiance Technology, Taoism and meditation, Mari developed a series called ‘The Salubrious Work.’ In 2000, she began offering the "Salubrious Afternoon Program," as a series of Healing Performances. She then offered individual ‘Healing Sessions’ a short time later. Since 2001, she has regularly conducted meditation groups , seminars, retreats and workshops. In addition to her ‘Energy Work,‘ Mari consults for project developments and strategic communication for agencies and companies. In 2011 she published the book "The Essence of God - Embassies of Being" ( Trinity Publications). Mari Nil currently offers healing programs, lectures, training programs and seminars in many parts of the world.

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