Mari Nil - Beratung und Heilung


Darstellung von himmlischen Freunden und Begleitern im Energiefeld


Darstellung von Dispositionen und Blockaden im Körper und Energiefeld


Angel Drawings & Healings

We access the ‘Eternal Wisdom’ and connect profoundly to unity and love. This allows us to convey healing energy in any situation. We actualize healing through the words we speak, through the Spirit, through the hands, through the compassionate heart , and through the processes of our soul.

In my sessions, it is my intention to provide as quick and lasting help as is possible. I recognize each situation as unique and specific. I can then recognize the hidden cause of the issue and work to heal it. Karmic patterns can be seen as a mapped field in the aura and can be redeemed as such. Fields of fear are also visible, and can experience healing immediately. Very often, these fields trigger indefinable pain in the body, soul and spirit.

In my session, I identify and then draw and/or paint the visible energy of my client, both in the body, as a form of ‘X-Ray Vision,’ as well as in the auric field.

With regard to the very high demand, all consultations, healings, aura readings and angel-drawings take place in groups.

We uncover/ discover the depth in ourselves, our full ‘potential’ to heal as individuals, and my client can then learn to apply themselves to that process. The way is the journey/ The journey helps us grow towards the eternal glow within us, from which we can draw, recreate and heal.

Topics of exploration

  • channeling
  • Regeneration of internal organs
  • curing and healing **
  • insightful knowledge and understanding of one's own life
  • Soul perspective
  • Analysis of the causes of disease
  • X-ray vision
  • Soul Healing
  • Karmic Healing
  • past-life karmic healing
  • Akashic record readings
  • Past Life experiences: uncover and healing
  • Identify/ illustrate and heal the mechanisms in the energy field.

Angel Drawings:
1. representation of heavenly friends and companions in the energy field
2. representation of dispositions and blockages in the body and energy field

Salubrious Afternoon:
Meditation · Angel Drawings · Healing. We meet in small group and private atmosphere >> More

Salubrious work does not replace any necessary medical care.

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